German in New York

We started German in New York out of pure curiosity for the German speaking community in New York. Within the project, we interview Germans, Austrians and Swiss who are living and working in New York and ask them to tell us about their story and lives in the Big Apple. The interviews are released weekly as part of a podcast series through iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.

For us, German in New York is an adventure with no clear objective other than exploring New York through their stories.

We founded and established German in New York as a media brand and manage the podcast series and handling entirely - broadening thereby our experiences in content creation through podcasting.


The Future of my City

As part of the Year of German-American Friendship (Deutschlandjahr USA), The Future of my City brings together students from the Ruhr Area in Germany and students from the American Rust Belt to share their ideas on the future of their cities and city regions.

The goal of the The Future of my City is to give students thought-provoking impulses and inspiration by providing them with learning materials and research texts as well as mentoring by decision-makers, experts and lecturers who work on urban development topics related to the students’ group project. All participants will be given access to a exclusive learning platform enabling hands-on collaboration throughout the project.

We support the transatlantic project by promoting it among the target group through social media and direct marketing, researching and creating content for the student group projects as well as setting up an exclusive learning platform enabling direct collaboration of 40+ participants.

The Future of my city

Moving Forward

We are proud to be one of the partners of this year’s Moving Forward conference in New York!

When: May 30, 2019

Where: Metropolitan West NYC

Following it's inaugural events in Vienna, London & NYC in 2017 and 2018 Moving Forward will once again bring together executives, founders, startups, creatives, as well as tech and industry leaders. Join us for a conference that will cover the most relevant trends and developments in tech, business and culture!

Topics Include: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Digital Transformation, Design, Diversity, E-Health, FinTech, GreenTech, Media, Mobility, Social Media, Startups, Sustainability, and more!

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