• Native Münsterlander
  • Studied in Hamburg
  • Degree in Communication Design (3rd generation)
  • 7 agencies in 17 years
  • Passionate hobby musician

Stephanie Dumke, Management – Creative Director




How are you?

 Fine thanks. And yourself?  
What did you want to be when you grew up?
Pharmacist – because of all the beautiful drawers …  
What’s your biggest luxury?
My health and time  
What’s on your playlist?
Danceable tunes that bring you in a good mood. I almost like it all whether it’s rock, pop, soul, funk …  
What’s your favorite vacation spot?
Close to the ocean.  
The best place on earth?
Sun, sand, ocean.  
What do you love spending money on?
For things that are fun. For me and for others.  
What talent would you like to have?
To fluently speak Italian, French, English, and Spanish.  
In retrospect, I would not again …
… I have no regrets.  
It drives me crazy, …
… injustice and finding a parking space in Flingern.  
What’s your favorite pastime?
Making music.  
What are your favorite bookmarks?
A ticket stub from the Miami Heat in my book, but I think you didn’t mean that … Google, Facebook, Inspiration divers  
What’s your most prized possession?
My health. I know everyone says it, but it’s the truth!  
Who’s your favorite action hero?
Pippi Longstocking and Asterix.  
What do you value most in your friends?
The fact that they are always there for me, even if we haven’t talked in a while.  
What’s your main character trait?
People say I’m a great listener.  
Three apps you don’t want to be without…
Facebook (yes, sadly), Weather, and, oh gosh yes, my calendar.  
I forget time…
… making music and friends or making music with friends.  
Who wants to be successful in advertising has to…
… have fun at what you do and be resilient  
I celebrate my successes…
… with friends, family and champagne.  
At age 18 I wanted …
… to spend one year abroad and become a graphic designer. Well, one of them worked out.  
At age 60…
… be older than today.  
Money makes me…
… independent.  
I seek advice…
… from family and friends – and Google.  
I tell kids….
… enjoy your childhood.  
Berlin or New York?
What’s your favorite campaign?
Lucky Strikes. Closely followed by Sixt.  
Which campaigns dont’ you like?
Detergent commercials that show women enthusiastically washing the whole family’s laundry and then happily talk about it with their girlfriends – sure thing:)  
What campaign of yours are you most proud of?
A campaign for HD Sky “real extreme”, which was unfortunately never implemented.  
What was the most embarrassing moment of your advertising career?
I recently introduced myself as “Britta Peter” to a client.  
Famous last words?
“Art is beautiful, but a lot of work” (Karl Valentin)