• Media Designer (B. A.)
  • Passionate surfer
  • Passionate sword fencer
  • Since May 2013 with KuK

Stefanie Mallard, Art Direction


(maternity leave)


How are you?

As long as the sun is out, I’m fine.  
What did you want to be when you grew up?
Lactose tolerant  
What’s your biggest luxury?
Family & good friends  
What’s on your playlist?
Electro, not Techno.  
What’s your favorite vacation spot?
Wherever there are waves.  
The best place on earth?
My freshly made bed.  
What do you love spending money on?
Traveling (preferably to a new country each time)  
What talent would you like to have?
Jumping out of a plane by myself (with a parachute of course)
 In retrospect, I would not again …
…. go on a roller coaster right after breakfast.  
It drives me crazy, …
… dealing with crazy people.  
What’s your favorite pastime?
Friends, sports, traveling, cooking  
What are your favorite bookmarks?
What’s your most prized possession?
My 54 years old cello.  
Who’s your favorite action hero?
Pippi Longstocking  
What do you value most in your friends?
They are always there for me.  
What’s your main character trait?
Three apps you don’t want to be without…
Weather, WhatsApp, VRR  
I forget time…
… at the newsstand:) (I’m talking about Time Magazine of course :-))  
Who wants to be successful in advertising has to…
… be open to new ideas.  
I celebrate my successes…
… good and often.  
At age 18 I wanted …
… to be a criminal investigator.  
At age 60…
… I will have a house in the South of France.  
Money makes me…
…and my bank account very relaxed.  
I seek advice…
… from people who are close to me.  
I tell kids….
… to never lick Nutella of the knife.  
Berlin or New York?
What’s your favorite campaign?
Schwäbisch Hall – Du kaufst kein Haus Snickers – You’re not you when you’re hungry  
Which campaigns dont’ you like?
Phew, there are too many.  
What campaign of yours are you most proud of?
My first campaign that won gold.
 What was the most embarrassing moment of your advertising career?
Yet to come … 
Famous last words?
That’s it already?