• Advertising since 2007
  • Study Marketing/Communication
  • Media design
  • Lives in Düsseldord since 2013

Sabrina Biernath, Art Director




How are you?

Fine, thanks.


What did you want to work when you were a kid?

Veterinary surgeon, teacher, marine biologist


What is your greatest luxury?

5-minutes-walk to the agency


What’s your favorite music?
Florence and the machine, Coldplay …


Where do you like to go on vacation?



The best place in the world?
At home in the garden under the lilac tree … So rather in spring/summer.


What do you like to spend money on?

Holidays, books


What talent would you like?



Looking back, I wouldn’t …

be sitting in the middle of the row of seats on a long distance flight again.


It gets me mad …

when I have to wait for someone to come along.


What’s your favorite thing to do?



Your most important bookmarks are:

spread over books I’m reading.


What is your most valuable possession?



Who’s your favorite fantasy hero?

Iron Man


What do you like most about your friends?

That we’ll grow old together. I have known many of my friends since kindergarten.


What is your main character trait?

I am very relaxed and optimistic.


Three apps you don’t want to miss:

WhatsApp, Rheinbahn, booking


I forget the time…

by the sea.


If you want to make a difference in our business, you have to…

listen and stand up for his ideas.


I celebrate successes…

with colleagues, friends, family. 


When I was 18, I wanted to…



When I’m 60, I’ll…

Be sitting on my terrace overlooking the sea … when I’m not in the middle of world history.


Money makes me…



I seek advice…

with my closest friends.


I advise children…

TV off, play outside in nature.


Berlin or New York?

New York


What’s your favorite campaign?

Früh Kölsch … less is more.

I also think Snickers is brilliant!


Which campaign do you find totally next to it?



Which of your campaigns are you still proud of today?

I’m working on it.


What was the most embarrassing moment in your working life?

So far I’ve come off quite well.


A word at the end!

Lorem ipsum sit happens.