Rainer Kunst

  • advertising and a business degree
  • former manager of a hard rock band – and no, it wasn’t The Scorpions
  • saw the ad world from both sides – agencies and clients – internationally before starting his own agency

Rainer Kunst, CEO

Born and raised in Kleve, happily married, proud daddy of Filippa and Smilla.

He was with Kreutz & Partner Düsseldorf, BMZ!FCA Düsseldorf, o.tel.o Düsseldorf, Weber, Hodel, Schmid, Zürich/Wien/Berlin, BEIGE New York, cayenne Düsseldorf, AUFBRUCH Düsseldorf.

After four years as founder and CEO of AUFBRUCH Rainer starts Kunst und Kollegen Communications Agency in Düsseldorf in 2009.

A questionnaire:


How are you?

Preferably great!


What did you want to become when you were a kid?

A professional soccer player of course.


What’s your biggest luxury?

Spending time with my family.


What’s on your playlist?

It’s hard and it’s heavy. And pretty loud!


What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Roadtripping through the US for a longer vacation, spending a few gorgeous days in Mallorca for a shorter trip.


What do you love spending money on?

Eating and drinking and taking trips.


What talent would you like to have? 

Playing electric guitar.


In retrospect I certainly wouldn’t…

….spend money on a brand new car.


I hate it when…

…people choose to treat me in an unfair fashion.


What’s your favorite activity?

Being an entrepreneur. Developing ideas. Networking.


What are your favorite bookmarks?

New York Times, Facebook, reddit, Spiegel Online


What’s your favorite possession?

Kunst und Kollegen.


Who’s your favorite action hero?

Old Shatterhand (from a Wild West story made in Germany).


What do you appreciate most in your friends?

That we tease each other constantly as if we were still in school.


What’s your main character trait?

The sense of fairness all Libras have.


Three apps you can’t be without.

Facebook, Embark NYC, Runkeeper.


I lose track of time when…

… I’m surfing.


A successful advertiser has to…

… be on the ball, to network and to communicate. And he or she has to be interested in people.


I celebrate my successes…

… often and extensively with my collegues.


At age 18 I wanted to…

… get girls, play soccer and party.


At age 60…

…I will live in Mallorca part-time and lead my businesses from there.


Money makes me…

…independent. It gives me the opportunity to try new things and to grow.


I seek advice…

… from my wife.


I tell kids…

…to play.


Berlin or New York?

Is that even a question?


What’s your favorite campaigns?

Campaigns that feed a conceptual idea intelligently, beautifully and with the right noise level into all channels.


Which campaigns get on your nerves?

Campaigns that are so desperate for attention that they’re either embarrassing, sexist or just plain stupid. Usually the creators of said campaigns then brag that this kind of attention is just what they wanted in the first place.


Which one of your campaigns are you most proud of?

The TEST launch campaign for the mobile company Connect Austria/ONE in Austria.


What was your most embarrassing moment in advertising?

When I put the presentation boards onto the roof of the car and I only noticed when I got to the client, that putting them into the car would have been a much better idea.


Famous last words?

The world is not enough.