• Supports from New York
  • since November 2014 with KuK
  • Master of Science – BWL / Marketing (I know – I am a scientist!)

Marina Hahn, Account Director




How are you?

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Singer – like Britney Spears.
What’s your biggest luxury?
Time with family and friends… and Rent the Runway!
What’s on your playlist?
All kind of funky and good mood music: from Latin Pop to Russian 90s, it’s all up there!
What’s your favorite vacation spot?
By the sea.
The best place on earth?
By the sea without mobile network.
What do you love spending money on?

At the sea without mobile network with a drink in my hand. 

And good food.  

What talent would you like to have?
Shameless stand-up comedy.
In retrospect, I would not again …
… visit Heidepark with an overnight stay.
It drives me crazy, …
… if my new password requires not only a special character, but also upper and lower case letters and a biometric photo and finger print.
What’s your favorite activity?
Try new things.
What are your favorite bookmarks?
Podbean and YouTube.
What’s your most prized possession?
Memories of special moments… and certain WhatsApp screenshots.  
Who’s your favorite action hero?
Rapunzel in the remake… Female power with a frying pan!
What do you value most in your friends?
That they are honest and don’t blame me if I am out of touch for a longer period of time.
What’s your main character trait?
Three apps you don’t want to be without…
FaceTime (not an app, but you know what I mean), Instagram and Audible.
I forget time…
…in a good conversation.
Who wants to be successful in advertising has to…
…have fun doing it.
I celebrate my successes…
…with champagne.
At age 18 I wanted …
…stay 18.
At age 60…

…wear red lipstick and tell exaggerated stories about “old times”

Money makes me…
… independent.
I seek advice…
…from friends and Google.
I tell kids….
…to eat as much as you can! Your metabolism does not remain as it is!
Berlin or New York?
NEW YORK… and a bit of Berlin.
What’s your favorite campaign?
Spotify’s Data Analytics campaign.
Which campaigns dont’ you like?
Pharmaceutical advertising in the USA – more side effects than effects.
What campaign of yours are you most proud of?
Please ask me again in a year.
What was the most embarrassing moment of your advertising career?

A photoshoot of a product that weighed 500kg – we shot it from the wrong side. Yes, the crane had to come again.

Famous last words?
Where should I give my autograph?