•  Numers-oriented mathematics student dropout
  • with U-turn in the media industry
  • (Still) working student with Kunst und Kollegen
  • adult colouring fanatic
  • Call me Leni!
  • Just thrilled by: Interior Design, Kaki (the fruit!)
  • and girls’ markets

Lena Janik, Office Management




How you doin’?

Preferably good


What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Princess (… still!)


What is your greatest luxury?

My wonderful apartment


What’s your favorite music?

Scott Mescudi, Shakka and Donald Glover always goes 😉


Where do you prefer to spend your holidays?

On balcony


Best place in the world?

Düsseldorf, of course!


What do you prefer to spend money on?

Food, food, clothes, food


What talent would you like?

I would like to be able to stop time or travel in time


In retrospect, I wouldn’t go back to…

…I would do everything the same way.


It’s driving me crazy, …

Everything when I’m hungry!


What is your favourite pastime?

Eating, shopping, girls’ evening


Your most important bookmarks are:

TED, Facebook, duolingo, Gmail (and involuntarily various university websites…)


What is your most valuable possession?

My family and my great friends


Who’s your favorite fantasy hero?

Belle of “The Beauty and the Beast”


What do you value most about your friends?

That I can always laugh with them and they are always there for me.


What is your main character trait?

My humor (some call it sarcasm)


Three apps you don’t want to miss:

WhatsApp, Spotify, MobilinDüsseldorf


I forget the time…

By painting and shopping


If you want to make a difference in our business, you have to…

…be committed, hard-working and communicative


I celebrate successes…

Always with Hugo!


When I was 18 years old I wanted to…

Studying mathematics and making fun at university parties


When I’m 60, I’ll…

Hopefully live at least partially in another country


Money makes me…



I seek advice…

With my mommy and marina.


Children I advise…

“children with dreams become adults with vision”


Berlin or New York?

Why just one of them?


What is your favourite campaign?

The hotly disputed Gillette advertising! #againsttoxicmasculinity


Which campaign do you find totally beside it?

Some that convey sexist or racist content


Which of your campaigns are you still proud of today?

…. I don’t have one yet.


What was the most embarrassing moment in your working life?

When I almost killed my foreman with a forklift truck and cried like a toddler afterwards…. On my first day.


A word at the end!

… Mic Drop!