• Cooked for stars and starlets
  • Studied Fashion and Design Management
  • Luca’s and Nike’s Mama
  • Since August 2012 with KuK

Kristina von Enckevort, Assistant




How are you?



What did you want to be when you grew up?

Trainer for guide dogs.


What’s your biggest luxury?



What’s your favorite music?

Right now I’m looking forward to the LAING concert!


What’s your favorite vacation spot?



The best place on earth?

Is located on Komo Beach under the olive tree.


What do you love spending money on?

Books and children’s clothes.


What talent would you like to have?

I ‘d love to know how to sing.


In retrospect, I would not again …

… study sociology, pedagogy and sports …as Master’s degree … S / &% § _ (“) IE


It drives me crazy, …

…when people lie to me.


What’s your favorite pastime?



What are your favorite bookmarks?

boden-direct (for the little ones), kalaydo, ebay, but it constantly changes


What’s your most prized possession?

My grandma’s signet ring.


Who’s your favorite action hero?

Tobbie from Robbie, Tobbie and the Fliewatüüt


What do you value most in your friends?



What’s your main character trait?

I’ll have to ask my friends …


Three apps you don’t want to be without…

My phone can make calls and send text messages. So what?


I forget time…

… being with my horse.


Who wants to be successful in advertising has to…

… have a great assistant.


I celebrate my successes…

… with family.


At age 18 I wanted …

… to study abroad for a year.


At age 60…

… I will move outside of Germany.


Money makes me…

… calm.


I seek advice…

… from my dad.


I tell kids….

…live wild and dangerous, but don’t get hurt!


Berlin or New York?



What’s your favorite campaign?

I like the ebay TV commercials.


Famous last words?

What a nonsense!