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A good comparison.

With the new app ERGO sales partners can display their best arguments on the go. Together with the rating agency Franke and Bornberg, ERGO has developed an independent evaluation app that compares third party contracts with ERGO products – and that in just three steps.
Our UX design allows sales partners and customers to directly see where the advantages of the ERGO products are. Quick and easy to capture.
The user-friendly design, compared with training materials and the entire internal communications made the app a huge success within the first week.


Riester pension plan campaign

We were given the task of supporting the introduction of a new innovative and fund-based Riester pension product from VORSORGE Lebensversicherung AG. A campaign for a pension product that combines guarantee, security, and opportunities for returns. We found it “Three times as good.” And implemented various materials using the campaign slogan. From the documents and sales support to the end customer communication, everything comes from Kunst und Kollegen.


The consulting concept for private customers

ERGO is one of the largest insurance companies in Germany and has a big goal: a unified, customer-oriented sales marketing. The idea is that every customer gets everywhere at any ERGO spot the same high-quality consultancy. Therefore Kunst und Kollegen developed together with the ERGO marketing and sales team the so-called ERGO compass which is a multi-level analysis of the customer’s needs and of its individual and relevant topics.



ERGO pension guarantee

Life is not a straight line.

Who knows what tomorrow brings? What is set to happen in the future? Where are we in 20, 30 years? Why should you already be thinking about your pension? Valid questions that ERGO is trying to answer with its new ERGO pension guarantee. Since July 2013 on the market, it adapts to the life of the customers rather than vice versa.

Kunst und Kollegen developed a complete package for the launch – from various materials for sales support, end customer communication to equipping ERGO agencies and measures for regional marketing. A special highlight: a magazine for the sales department with comprehensive information about the new products.

ERGO_Kampagne_Leben_Broschüre ERGO_Kampagne_Leben_DruckstückeERGO_Kampagne_Leben_Großflächenplakat ERGO_Kampagne_Leben_Magazin ERGO_Kampagne_Leben_Verkaufshilfe

ERGO consulting concept for corporate clients

Corporate clients have different needs than private customers and should therefore also be addressed differently. And this is exactly what Kunst und Kollegen focused on for the ERGO corporate concept. The result was a brochure system that consists of three main segments that cover all company needs – a wholistic approach.

Kunst und Kollegen created and designed all materials including copy. The result was a remarkable collection of nearly 70 materials in form of brochures, compact information and analysis materials. We left no insurance questions unturned.


The ERGO occupational pension guarantee

Reaping benefits today


A year after the launch of the ERGO Rente Garantie,the winning product concept has now been transferred to the occupational pension scheme. To introduce the ERGO occupational pension guarantee, we developed verbal concepts for market research to help filter out the most important arguments for employers and employees. Based on these results, our team put together a comprehensive communications package that explains this complex product in a clear and simple way – giving it a promising start in working life.


ERGO at DKM trade show

Time to play in a different league.

The annual DKM in the Dortmund Westfalenhallen is the leading trade show for the German finance and insurance industry – and it’s the best place for ERGO to be represented with its broker sales channel.

Next to the entire spectrum of the ERGO insurance brands, a special focus was given to two new & innovative pension products: ERGO pension guarantee and ERGO pension chance. Products, that we were already familiar with, as we were responsible for the classical communication.

Thus it was natural that Kunst und Kollegen also worked on the concept of a very successful trade show presence: From the invitation mailing, promotions, the design of giveaways and the actual booth, to event specific product brochures and advertisement of brand workshops. A complete and successful package.

  ERGO_DKM_Messestand_01 ERGO_DKM_Messestand_02 ERGO_DKM_Promotion ERGO_DKM_SpiegelbeklebungERGO_DKM_EinladungERGO_DKM_Flyer

ERGO up close

ERGO also blogs – and for this to happen as beautiful as possible, Kunst und Kollegen developed this design concept for the ERGO blog.