A trip to the country.

The new visuals for D.A.S. Rechtsschutz were developed in four shooting days. Key visuals and numerous sideshots were shot on a small round trip in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area.

The target groups: seniors, self-employed, families, singles and farmers.

We’ve had lots of fun with the customer, models and the photographer Andres Andé. And we’ve learned quickly: Eine Kuh macht Muh, viele Kühe machen Mühe. (German saying about cows)

Brand new – Legal Brochures 

D.A.S. is the legal provider of ERGO. Following the new corporate design, Kunst und Kollegen redesigned 15 target group and product brochures. We developed the new brochure concept and restructured and rewrote the content accordingly.

The complex issue of legal protection is now clearly summarized and helps the sales team to show customers comprehensible information at one glance.

DAS_Rechtschutzbroschueren_01 DAS_Rechtschutzbroschueren_02 DAS_Rechtschutzbroschueren_03