Who we are

Kunst und Kollegen (KuK) is an independently owned communications agency. In just 10 years we've grown from 0 to 26 employees. We're very happy to be working for a broad spectrum of notable clients with various communications needs. We don't want to specialize in one specific sector of business or one specific communication channel.

We go where our clients' customers are, and we communicate with them through the channels they actually use. Today this happens to be more and more in digital media. Next to all the classic advertising channels we help our clients navigate all aspects of the ever evolving digital world.

We are a very motivated team willing to grow together with our clients - in terms of quality and quantity, substance and geographical reach. We love collaboration, we enjoy learning. We have a down-to-earth, friendly, pragmatic and direct relationship with our clients. Their success is the basis for our own success - as it should be.

We specialize in communications

We are an international full-service communications agency and we offer the following services:

  • Strategic Brand Consulting & Planning
  • Corporate & Brand Design
  • Communication Concepts
  • Advertising
  • Dialog Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Digital Strategy, Social Media, Web & App development

We specialize in German-American friendship. We work with German companies in the US and vice versa. We have cultural knowledge to succeed in the German as well as in the US market place, giving companies the tools and the local expertise to make them more successful in their new endeavors abroad.

Of course we wholeheartedly welcome American clients who need communication solutions for the American market as well. After all, German punctuality, the Autobahn or simply a German beer are well liked German qualities. We focus on making companies more successful wherever they're located.