Borussia Dortmund

A big win for the season opener.

Since 1909, Borussia Dortmund has been THE football experience for the people of Dortmund – and since 2015, also for Kunst und Kollegen. One of our first projects included the merchandise catalog of 2015/16.

Borussia Dortmund has high standards when it comes to their merchandising. They were looking for something beyond a designed product leaflet, which is still too common in the Bundesliga. The team takes great pride in what they deliver to their fan shops and customers mailboxes: The BVB catalog should not only function as a successful sales tool, but also resonate strong team branding.

Well, and then there was last season – an emotionally difficult season that caused some heartache after long years of success. The powerful and resolute message of the catalog, “Fallen, aufstehen, zurückkommen: das ist Dortmund!” (Falling, getting up and coming back: this is Dortmund), which is just as apt for the story of the BVB as for the city itself, ties several important storylines together; the captivating preseason, the eagerness and optimism of how the BVB started the new season, and the team and its strong, prevailing home base.

The result: A catalog with strong branding images, real quotes and a distinctive BVB street art look that also puts over 900 products in the spotlight.



We presented the winter collection of Borussia Dortmund in a special catalog. All christmas items were placed in a festive & wintry landscape. 



And the second shot lands in the middle of the net.

Kunst und Kollegen reworked over 600 product descriptions for the BVB online shop. We also advertise weekly special offers to fans in small articles on the BVB’s website.

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BVB Spring Flyer

One more catalog to mark the end of the season. It may have only had eight pages, but the fans are sure to have enjoyed the spring items. As an extension of the main catalog, here, too, we adjusted the idea and look to the new topic. Following “Fall, get up, come back.” and “Light up, Borussia, my star,” the new motto is “Fresh, gleaming, ready: that is Dortmund in spring.” In addition, we continually rework the product texts in the online shop.