Düsseldorf Airport Media

Take-off for the image campaign.

Airport advertising works – and in a special way. Particularly within the B2B space, you can target your message to an above average number of decision-makers. And this is exactly what our designed image campaign intends to emphasize.

Our testimonials are real DUS Airport Media clients, who have already successfully advertised at the airport. Five different motives for five distinct target audiences.

The media planning for the campaign includes ads in prestigious print publications as brandeins and the manager magazin. And of course they will also appear on posters on site at the airport, where you can “land successes”.




A day at the airport

9 images / 1 day / 6 models / 2 KuKies

We reinterpreted the “airport product” a little differently in a new image world for our customer Flughafen Düsseldorf Airport Media – moving away from a technical look and futuristic architecture and toward the emotions that an airport brings with it: the joy of seeing loved ones again, excite- ment, fascination, and nonstop activity. A new image world that we now combine with the very factual media data, but also use in the image brochure. A busy, but successful day at the airport …

Photographer: Adrian T. Kubica


A film on various digital advertising media at DUS Airport

Düsseldorf Airport offers companies a wide variety of advertising opportunities in the creative ambiance of the airport. To showcase how innovative they are, Kunst und Kollegen produced a film that shows the eye catching advantages of digital media. Visitors first saw the effects in March at the “Digital City” event when the film premiered at the Station Airport.

FlughafenDUS Digitale Strecke Film


Concept and marketing materials for the focus on “Mittelstand”

The middle class is currently the main target group for Düsseldorf Airport Media . In order to win customers for the advertising space, we had to break down existing preconceived notions.

Airport advertising is for everyone! Here you can and will reach your target audience! Advertising for any budget! – This key message was summarized for an exhibition flyer, and a one-pager for acquisition by mail.

The core of the concept is a comprehensive presentation template that allows Düsseldorf Airport Media to present all opportunities – perfectly tailored to their customer, their audiences and their budget.

FlughafenDUS Mittelstand Ansprache digital FlughafenDUS Mittelstand Ansprache print


New Years Mailing

To start into a successful new year Dusseldorf Airport Media wanted to send their customers a small  gift with added value.  The DUS notebook is personalized for each client and provides a quick and convenient overview of all advertising opportunities at the airport, but also has enough space for notes and ideas. A great gift, that was further used for customer acquisition.

FlughafenDUS Neujahrsaussendung Kalender


The concept for our customer event

Once a year Düsseldorf Airport Media invites its customers to a major event. In 2014 Kunst und Kollegen developed for the first time a concept for an exciting journey through the airport. The advertisers from Düsseldorf Airport Media were able to re-discover the airport in a new light as a place for advertising.

Kunst und Kollegen also designed the invitations, flyers and a customized travel map.

Flughafen DUS Kundenveranstaltung AdWalk Flughafen DUS Kundenveranstaltung print